Q1. What are the Registration and Publishing Fees?

A1. Participation, Authors & Registration Fee Preferences:

  • Virtual Participation (1 Author: 130€, 2 Authors: 75€ each, 3+ Authors: 60€ each)
  • In-Person Participation (1 Author: 150€, 2 Authors: 80€ each, 3+ Authors: 75€ each)
  • Listener (100€ each)

Q2. Why do I need to pay for registration to the conference?

A.2 The organizing institution, EUSER is a nonprofit platform and the fees are used for organizational costs.The costs of the conference ICSS, such as expenses of the conference premises, printed materials, coffee break-coctail-lunch expenses, transportation, communication, website management, coordinating etc are fulfilled out of the conference registration fees.

Q3. Is there any fee for publishing in the conference proceedings?

A3. No. ICSS demands no publishing fees for the proceedings book as e-version in pdf with ISBN. If you inquire a printed hardcopy then only the printing costs will be asked without any extra charge. Besides if you ask the book to be shipped to your adress then only the shipping costs will be charged to you normally.

Q4. Why do I need to pay for publishing at the journals listed in your website with impact factor?

A4. Those journals are not published by EUSER or ICSS Conference. On a special partnership with the journals EUSER managed to publish a special edition in those journal with publication fee. The fees collected are directly paid to the journal coordination and EUSER does not get benefit out of the fees apart from the communication and organisational expenses which do not effect the participant.

Q. Is publishing of my paper guaranteed in the Impact Factor Journals?

A. Yes. Once your paper is accepted by the scientific committee for the conference, the publishing in the preferred journals is automatic.

Q. When do I receive the published copies of the proceedings book and the journal?

A. The electronic copies are provided almos a week before the conference dates. The hard copies are distributed to the in-person participants during the registration at the desk. The hardcopies of the virtual participants will be shipped to the address starting from as soon as after the conference.

Q. Can I have my payment refunded?

A. Yes you can have full refund till the abstract submission deadline, 75% refund till the full paer deadline and 25 % till the payment deadline.You still get full refund as in-person participant, even after the final payment day if you proove that you could not get visa for the conference participation.


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